Blind & Buried Vias

Blind & Buried Vias

At Cambridge Circuit Company as well as manufacturing PCBs with the standard Plated through vias we also manufacture Blind & Buried vias. Blind & Buried vias are used on a PCB when space is at a premium.

What are Blind & Buried vias?

Blind vias

Blind vias are Plated Through Hole connections that pass from an outside layer to an internal layer, unlike a standard via they do not pass all the way through the PCB.

We sequential build the PCB so that when plating the hole we get adequate penetration of copper through the hole, this also means that we can use the correct sequence of bonding, drilling and plating thus meaning we can construct a wide variety of constructions.

Buried Vias

Buried vias are Plated Through Holes between the inner layers of a PCB, they are not visible from the outside of the Printed Circuit Board

For more information on Blind & Buried vias and our capabilities please contact us [email protected] or 01223 423100