In June Cambridge Circuit Company made a large investment in a new, top of the range Hot Air Solder Leveller (H.A.S.L) from Pentagal. The Penta 550 selected has the benefit of adding and storing different parameters for various jobs, via its plc controller, leading to superior quality of both flatness and finish. Consistency is also assured as these parameters are recalled for use on future repeat orders. This means customers can enjoy the best finish, in terms of shelf-life, solderability and cost, with the benefit of a flatter, more reliable surface for component placements.

The Penta 550

PENTAGAL has more than 30 years of experience in the construction of HASL systems and peripheral equipment and is one of the leading companies in lead-free technology. As a “global player” the share of exports runs up to more than 80 percent. Pentagal supplies HASL equipment and flux to Europe, Asia, North and South America, and North and South Africa.

To ensure that the quality of its product is not compromised in any way, Cambridge Circuit uses only the best materials and since the implementation of the EU RoHS Directive in 2006 has relied on the high- quality SN100CL alloy from DKL Metals Ltd. for its H.A.S.L process for the application of a high-reliability lead-free solderable PCB finish.