Clear through-holes and smooth bright pads on hot air levelled boards at a solder pot temperature of 260° C are possible with Nihon Superior’s SN100CL. Over 10 years of commercial production experience has confirmed that boards hot air levelled with SN100CL can provide the long shelf life from a lead-free board finish that the electronics industry has been waiting for.

Good wetting of the board surface at 260°C
Smooth bright finish on pads and hole walls
Smooth coverage of pads and hole walls
Compatible with both tin/lead and lead free final assembly
Bridge-free coating of 0.8mm pitch pads
Good hole clearance
Uniform coating thickness of 3-5µm for long extended solderability
Uniform coating on pads and hole walls, even on the shoulder
For use in both horizontal and vertical HASL machines

SN100CL has been developed and patented by Nihon Superior Co. Ltd of Japan for use in both vertical and horizontal HASL machines. This unique alloy offers the user a viable, low cost, lead-free solder producing a more uniform, flat finish than was achievable with tin/lead.

The higher operating temperatures may require equipment upgrades and we recommend you contact your machine supplier for advice.