Our PCB boards are found in a host of
electronic products and we work in partnership with numerous well-known clients
such as Tyco, Toshiba and Phillips to name but a few. Cambridge Circuit have an
active interest in the electronics industry in general so we’re eagerly
awaiting the launch of these products showcased at the Consumer
Electronics Show earlier this this year.

LG G-Flex: Bendy phones are going to be
hot in the future. Well, maybe not bendy but ‘curved’ phones are set to become
all the rage. That’s what LG are hoping for anyway, they are launching a G-Flex
smartphone, it looks bendy and we think it’s brilliant!

Sony 4K short throw projector: Turn a
humdrum wall into a massive TV screen and invest in the ultimate home theatre
system. Place it flush against a wall and images are shot directly above it
instead of throwing them across a room. Forget 32, 40 or 50” viewing platforms,
you can screen images from this bad boy up to 147” in diameter. What a way to watch your weekly soaps!

iRobot Scooba 450: Like to have an
automated robot that cleans the floors in your home? Now you can with the
Scooba 450: This cheeky little scrubber will sweep, scrub and squeegee your
bare floors leaving them sparkling afterwards. Put your feet up, have a brew
and let the Scooba 450 do all the hard work. It’s a shame it doesn’t dust as

Galaxy TabPro: Buyers get to choose
three screen sizes from this latest tablet offering, pick 8.4, 10.1 or
12.2inches. The new TabPro uses upgraded widgets to make accessing apps and
information faster, it comes with premium specifications and it’s neatly
packaged in a smooth and sophisticated design.

Pebble steel smartwatch: Access all your
favourite apps from your wrist using the stylish stainless steel smart watch
from Pebble. It’ll let you know who’s calling, texting or emailing without you having to reach for your phone and comes with an
extra leather strap so you can change the look of the watch if you get tired of