Out of all the electronic gadgets and
gizmos you use every day of your life, which items would you struggle to cope
without if you had to give them up? It’s a tough call but if you had to give 5
things up, we reckon you’d struggle without the following items at Cambridge

Mobile Phone – Go back to the early/middle 1990s and it
was rare for anyone to have a mobile phone. Today the opposite is true. Most people
have mobiles today, can you imagine trying to live without yours for a day or
more? How would you ring your pals, text your mates and keep up to date with
social network sites, what would you do if you wanted to snap a picture, make a
video or listen to music, without your mobile you’d be lost!

Wireless router – How many times do you hit the internet in
a day? Do you like to wander around the house keeping up to date with all the
‘goss’ on the web, send documents to print wirelessly from your computer and
connect to your Skybox using your mobile phone? Wireless technology opens up a
whole new world of opportunity and thanks to your wireless router you can
‘connect’ anytime from anywhere in the house.

Fridge freezer – Never underestimate the importance of
your fridge freezer. It keeps produce fresh, drinks chilled, salads crisp and
cheese well within its shelf life. Without your fridge freezer you’d have
curdled milk, produce turning mouldy and ice cube trays simply filled with warm

Washing machine – How much washing do you get through over
the course of a week? Live in the average family household and bet there’s tons
of the stuff. Panic breaks out if the washing machine starts to act strangely,
what would it be like if the washer disappeared for good?

Television– Read, knit or listen to the radio, these are all
great alternatives to watching the television. However, when the latest series
of The X Factor hits our screens or
‘Corrie’ comes up with another cracking storyline you can bet all eyes will be
glued to the screen. Could you live without the telly? Would you be able to
cope without your daily fix of TV? The chances are you’d miss it and find life
a struggle without the television.