In the next few Blogs you will get to learn about some of the people who make your PCBs at Cambridge Circuit.

Mark Sanford – Managing Director

Mark joined Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd in 1995 at the tender age of 16, and has worked his way up the ranks from junior technician to Director. In that time he has gained experience in many departments including chemical process, multi-layer and flexi production, leading on maintenance and health and safety and taking on management responsibilities.

Now in his 20th year at the company, Mark is hoping to build on the skills and knowledge he’s learned during this time, and to put his enthusiasm and creativity to good use to take the company into the next era of production.

Mark said: “Since Phil retired, the biggest challenge so far has been taking on the sales role and having to learn very quickly, the different needs of our customers. It’s been a steep learning curve but my extensive knowledge of the production process is a real asset and means I can advise and help customers choose the right materials and processes to meet their requirements.

“I’m really enjoying the new role and the most rewarding part is completing jobs quickly; there’s always a real team sense of achievement and great customer satisfaction. Many of our customers work to strict deadlines and our ability to produce PCBs from scratch in 8 hours is testament to the hard-working and professional team we have here.

“We continue to invest in new cutting edge technologies and specialised materials and are delighted to offer flexible circuits and blind and buried vias to meet the increasing complex needs of our customers.

“We’re a lean business; there’s only 12 members of staff here including me, and when added up between us we have more than 200 years of PCB manufacturing experience which makes us so unique. We’re located in the heart of Silicon Fen and our mission is to be the first port of call for everyone’s PCB needs.”