We’ve taken delivery of a brand new Impedance Test System from Polar Instruments along with Speedstack and CGEN software to further improve the range of services we provide at Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd.
The CITS880s Controlled Impedance Test System, which enables testing of shorter and fine line traces, promises to make impedance measurement easy; ensuring we continue to offer a cost-effective, quality, responsive and reliable in-house PCB manufacturing service.
The Speedstack software allows us to check on impedance calculations and builds so we can advise customers on any changes which need to be made; ensuring the best PCB manufacturing outcomes. We also have an extensive list of materials and material suppliers to help you with this process.
We’ve also purchased CGEN software; which enables us to create a Test Coupon from your design so we can ensure the PCB matches your requirements.
Specialising in prototype PCBs, and seeing a growing trend in the ever-evolving tech sector for impedance testing requirements, we feel it’s of great importance to ensure every single process is right so we can seamlessly transmit you from prototype to new product introduction to mass production.
We’re committed to continually investing in new technology, processes and knowledge to remain at the forefront of PCB manufacturing, and to meet the demands of our customers.
If you require further information on impedance please get in contact with one of our engineering team by emailing: [email protected] or if you require a quotation please email: [email protected] or call 01223 423100.