Accuracy, precision and speed are key considerations in the PCB industry, so at Cambridge Circuit Company we continue to enhance our suite of processing equipment to stay at the forefront of manufacturing capabilities.

To this end, we’ve invested in a Lenz DRB610 1+1 drilling and routing system which offers market-leading features including pressure foot technology optimized for depth-routing processes and a 3D software package to allow contact depth-controlled drilling and routing versatility.

The new and improved tool change belt means tools can be refilled during production runs to reduce downtime while the laser tool measurement system measures diameter, length and radial run-out of tools against pre-defined tolerance for improved accuracy and precision.

The main talking point of the system however, is the CCD camera system, which measures the position of holes and fiducials on outer layers which allows the CNC to move, rotate and scale the programme accordingly with inner-layer detection available for multilayer processing.

Other benefits of the system include improved energy efficiency and speed – all combined in a space-saving compact design.

We have quoted and manufactured many challenging jobs thanks to the acquisition of the Lenz DRB610 1+1, and look forward to helping many more customers with their future projects.