Controlled Impedance

We manufacture all types of Controlled Impedance PCBs.

Impedance is defined as the effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of ohmic resistance and reactance.

Our CITS880s Controlled Impedance Test System, from Polar Instruments enables testing of shorter and fine line traces and promises to make impedance measurement easy.

Working in unison with the CITS880s our Speedstack PCB software allows us to check / advise on your impedance calculations and builds. We will then liaise with you to make any changes to your design / build for the best way for manufacturing the PCBs. Our extensive list of materials and material suppliers will help in assisting you on this and if you require information on the materials we use then we can provide you this via a PDF.

Our CGEN software allows us to create a Test Coupon from your design so we can Test the PCB matches your requirements.

As we specialise in prototype PCBs and we’ve seen a growing trend in the ever-evolving tech sector for impedance testing requirements, we feel it is of great importance that from the very start of the journey everything is right. This way we can seamlessly guide you from prototype through NPI and into Mass Production.

If you require further information on impedance please do not hesitate in contacting one of our engineering team on 01223 423100 or [email protected].