Equipment Used

CAM/Front-End Engineering

  • Wide Photoplotter WD8008
  • Colenta PCB Film Processor
  • 2 x Pentalogix CAMmaster Sofware
  • Speedstack PCB Software (Polar Instruments)
  • CGEN PCB Impedance Coupon Generator Software (Polar Instruments)
  • UCAM X Software

Drill Shop

  • Lenz DLC 470-2
  • Lenz RLC 470-2
  • Lenz LGX
  • Piergiacomi XDM30 X-Ray Drilling Machine (Tooling)
  • Technic SRW-66A Tooling Hole Drill Pinner
  • Technic SRW-716 Auto De-Pinner
  • JWA Quick-score Scoring Machine


  • Emma ELX6146 Flying Probe Bare Board Tester
  • Emma EL6146E Flying Probe Bare Board Tester
  • Polar CITS880s Controlled Impedance Test System
  • Camtek Orion 3G-HD AOI Machine
  • Kitozoom Video Measuring Microscope Kito10
  • Vision Engineering TS4 Stereo Microscope
  • Oxford Instruments CMI511 Surface Copper Thickness Gauge
  • Oxford Instruments CMI95 Thru-Hole Copper Thickness Gauge
  • Comprehensive testing and inspection facilities conforming to BS EN ISO 9001


  • Lauffer 2 daylight Hot Oil Vacuum Press
  • Piergiacomi AMM20 Inner Layer Bonding Machine


  • 2 x 18” Sun-Fubao Tech Laminators
  • 2 x Dachuan DLE-1600 LED Exposure Units
  • Lumiplas Soldermask Developer
  • Lumiplas Dry Film Developer
  • Muscat CDO/DH Brush Cleaning Machine

Wet Process

  • Lumiplas Direct Metallisation Shadow Line
  • Electrolytic Copper / Tin Plating Line
  • Lumiplas Dry Film Stripping Line
  • Lumiplas Ammonical Etch / Tin Stripping Line
  • Circuit Supplies & Engineering Electroless Immersion Gold Line
  • BLT Immersion Silver Line
  • Pentagal 550 Hot Air Solder Levelling Machine (Lead-Free)
  • Pentagal Fluxboy Fluxing Machine
  • Hibass Post H.A.S.L Line
  • Hibass Wash / Dry Line