Cambridge-based supplier of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

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PCB Manufacturing Equipment 

Full photoplotting and photography facility (including step and repeat)

  • Barco Cresent 30 Laser Imager
  • Colenta Pcb Film Processor
  • Littlejohn Type 49 Contact Printer
  • Pentalogix CAMmaster 9.4 Software (2 seats)


  • Lenz RLC
  • Lenz LGX
  • Wessel Pro-Sys 1, with autoload
  • Pluritec Vista X-ray System
  • Micromat twin spindle CNC Router
  • Micromat single spindle CNC Router
  • Twin Spindle Tooling Hole Drill
  • Wessel Auto de-pinner
  • JWA Quick - Score scoring machine
  • 1.3 metre P & S Guillotine


  • Two 18" Sun-Fubao Tech Laminators
  • Cirgraphics T3000 exposure unit
  • Cirgraphics T4000 exposure unit
  • Two GSPK Conveyorised developers
  • Muscat double sided board cleaner
  • Folex Helamat Diazo Developer


  • Lauffer hot oil vacuum press
  • Inner Layer treatment and De-smear line
  • Piergiacomi Inner Layer Bonding machine


  • Lumiplas Shadow Direct metallisation line
  • Electroless Nickel/Gold Plating
  • BLT immersion silver plating line
  • Manual copper / Tin plating line
  • Acid gold plating line
  • Fabtech ammoniacal etch/tin strip
  • GSPK Dry film stripper with filter system
  • Hibass Wash / Dry Unit
  • Pentagal 550 Hot Air Solder Levelling machine
  • Post HASL cleaning line


  • Precision manual screen printers
  • Conveyorised Ultra Violet curing system
  • 3x Thermal cure ovens


  • Emma ELX6146 Fixtureless Bare Board Tester
  • Emma EL6146E Fixtureless Bare Board Tester
  • Barco AccuMatch AOI
  • Vision Engineering TS4 Stereo Microscope
  • Coppertron SM6000 Copper thickness tester
  • Comprehensive testing and inspection facilities conforming to BS EN ISO 9001

Our full plant list can be viewed or downloaded via our Resources page.