PCB Manufacturing Services

Through its facility in the UK and strategic partner in Mainland China, Cambridge Circuit Company offers a wide range of products and services and, as a family owned and run business, prides itself on providing that extra commitment that makes all the difference.

Testament to our customer focus is the number of clients who return to Cambridge Circuit Company time and time again. This exceptional level of service extends to all clients, large or small, and has seen our customer retention rates blossom. We are still doing business with our very first customer from over 30 years ago.

Factory Video

See how some of our machinery operates

We are delighted to have Cambridge Circuit as one of our key suppliers. We have been customers since early 2009 and have always found them to be highly professional in all aspects, very quick to respond and a rock solid supplier. They provide us with a range of PCBs, from single sided to complex multilayer PTH, of various thicknesses and the quality of their PCBs is always excellent. If we need PCBs fast they do it, if we need to change anything in a layout they help check it, if we need some advice on a new layout they help make sure we get it right. Cambridge Circuit are a top grade UK supplier, ISO9001 approved and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Alan Doncaster, Clairair Ltd