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Cost-Effective Off-Shore Production

Through our strategic partner in Mainland China, we are able to offer a very competitive source for your production PCBs. As a manufacturer ourselves, we manage and control a seamless transition from prototypes, through NPI and on, into Mass-Volume production.

Utilising our experienced engineers and CAM processes, we are able to thoroughly check all aspects of your design and, should any technical queries arise, these engineers will contact you prior to data transfer and production commencing. Once approved, this knowledge and the data is transferred to our volume manufacturing partner for production to begin.

All contact and management of your orders is conducted by our UK sales office and once production is completed, we can also organise the logistical details of getting your product to the required destination.

For more details, please contact our Offshore Sales Manager or use the On-line form to request a quotation for your production requirements

Products and Services



NPI (New Product Introduction)


Up to 2 Layers


5-7 working days           

 10-12 working days

Up to 4 Layers


7-10 working days

 15-18 working days

Up to 6 Layers


10-12 working days

 18-20 working days

8 Layers and above


12-15 working days

 18-20 working days

Flexi, Flexi-Rigid & IMS


12-15 working days

 20-22 working days

(N.B. Products are available in a wide range of thicknesses, Copper foil weights and Tg ratings).

More detailed information of our full range of products, services and capabilities can be viewed or downloaded via our Resources page.