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Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd is a leading UK PCB manufacturer, offering a complete in-house service with production of Multilayer, Flex, Flex-Rigid, PTH and Single-Sided PCBs. Prototypes and fast turnaround are our speciality.

We’re a highly responsive PCB manufacturer offering lead times from only 8 hours, with 5 day delivery offered as standard. As we manufacture in-house, our highly skilled and experienced workforce have control over every stage of production meaning quality is paramount.

All our manufacturing processes are integrated within our approved ISO 9001:2015 management system and we also have UL certification giving our customers confidence in safety, performance and traceability.

We also provide efficient mass-volume production from our trusted strategic overseas partners and an assembly service via our UK assembly partners.

So whatever your PCB needs, Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd can be relied upon to meet them.

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We have been designing and manufacturing many products over 30+ years. In the early days we thought it would be best to find the cheapest overseas suppliers. However we soon learnt that this was a false economy as the quality and supply turned out to be low quality and there were erratic delivery dates. After switching supply to Cambridge Circuit Company we have never looked back. Working with Mark and his team has enabled us to reduce our overall production costs and the turnaround of all our designs is completed in a reliable and seamless way. I would 100% recommend Cambridge Circuit Company. Keep up the good work!!.

David Aarons, SIL (enLight)

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